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Charlie turns 10!

Why is Charlie Crane called Charlie Crane?
We have kept this story secret for a very long time.
But this year, our brand celebrates its 10 YEARS!
For this occasion, we decided to tell you about it.


2012.2012. Thomas Lépine, le fondateur de Charlie Crane, the founder of Charlie Crane, and his wife Mathilde Toulot fly to Senegal for a holiday. They are then waiting for their second baby. They head for a hotel on the beach, where cows and a few tourists roam. Every day at breakfast and dinner time, a magnificent bird wanders peacefully between the tables and greets the visitors. It seems at home.
On closer inspection, this majestic mascot with its long legs and sunny crest is a crowned crane. His name? Charlie!


2022. Charlie Crane celebrates his 10th birthday.
A decade that has enabled the growth of this young French brand, which is now a key player in the international childcare market.
On this occasion, Mathilde wrote a tribute to the brand created by her husband.. She then thinks back to their encounter with Charlie the crane in Senegal. Surrounded by Thomas and their three children, she invents a story full of twists and turns and tenderness, which tells the adventures of Charlie – the magic bird that gave them wings.

Thanks to the incomparable line of Irish illustrator Paddy Donnelly, this story became a children’s book: Charlie takes flight, published in 5,000 copies (in French and English). Today, the whole Charlie Crane family is very happy that this story can be read and loved by the little ones
(and the older ones) ! 

Charlie is a young and quite fearful crane who lives in a baobab tree with her mother. Every morning, Charlie’s mom spreads her majestic wings and flies out of the nest to bring back lunch. It is very impressive! Are you allowed to spread your wings when you are a little crane? That’s quite a story, and here it is.


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We wish you beautiful moments of reading with your family 🤗