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NEW : discover our last baby, the little SABA chair!

A new addition to our range of products for babies and toddlers has recently been added!  After the iconic LEVO rocker, the TIBU high chair, the KUMI crib (and all the others…), discover the latest addition to the Charlie Crane family: the SABA, queen of the small chairs, whose irresistible design will please young and old alike. To learn more about this beautiful new product, we asked a few questions to Gaspard Tiné-Berès, head of the design department at Charlie Crane, who imagined the SABA.

1 / Hello Gaspard! Could you tell us where the name SABA came from? 

We have a system for finding names for our products at Charlie Crane: 4 letters, consonant/vowel. SABA came about when I saw my daughter sitting on the very first prototype of the chair, she looked like a little queen on her throne.

2 / Was there a responsible approach in the creation of this little chair? 

Yes, like everything else we do at Charlie Crane. First, it’s flat-packed – it’s shipped in the flattest packaging possible. This greatly reduces the impact of transportation. Second, the materials used are all natural and made in Europe: SABA is made of raw beech wood from Slovenia, 100% Italian wool felt and certified cruelty-free wool and chemical-free dye.

3 / Could you tell us about the choice of materials? 

This chair has something rustic, a raw spirit and the materials are consistent with this identity: light beech without treatment, real wool in thick felt that guarantees a quality both aesthetic and mechanical. It’s simple but beautiful! In all objectivity 😉

4 / How do you see the Charlie Crane “kids” range in a couple of years? 

We try to create iconic products 😉 So it’s not that easy and it takes time (laughs). But rather than putting out a lot of products every year (that would already exist or look like something already seen on the market), we try to innovate by offering families furniture that touches us. Furniture that they will really like, keep for a long time, pass on… Beyond the development part, we have many exciting topics at Charlie Crane: first, we work hard to relocate the production as much as possible. Then, the team has grown a lot in a short time and it’s a real job to make sure that everyone feels at their place and is happy to come to work in the morning. So far, we’ve only recruited gems so we’re still growing… and thinking big!

Ideal for children from 18 months up to 6 years old, the SABA chair will quickly become the darling of the whole house!


(c) Hélène Tosco