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Mother’s Day: the real gifts to give

In May, we do what we like. Especially since it’s Mother’s Day month! To give your partner some ideas (hehe), our team has come up with the ultimate list to give her. Ideas to make you REALLY happy. Because remember: you’re only as good as your own efforts.


1) 12-hour nights

We’re not going to lie, sleep takes a big hit with the arrival of baby. Who hasn’t dreamt of finding the off switch to sleep for 12 hours at a time? For Mother’s Day, order a night without an alarm clock from 9pm to 9am.

Our suggestion: a Le Petit Lucas du Tertre blanket or La Cerise sur le Gâteau sheets for sweet dreams in organic cotton.

Le Petit Lucas du Tertre
La Cerise sur le Gâteau


2) Vouchers for free time

As much as we love our children, we also need to have some time to ourselves. A “Netflix & Chill” evening, an afternoon reading, a morning alone… This break is a tactical recharging of the batteries so that you can get back to them even better afterwards.


3) A weekend with friends

In the same way that you don’t work on Labour Day, you can see yourself without children on Mother’s Day. On the agenda: SPA and champagne with a bunch of besties for a weekend. Also works with a lover.


4) A pre-mother’s day 

Is Junior still warm in your belly? No problem. Some women feel like mothers as soon as they take their pregnancy test. Celebrate your new status whenever you feel like it.

Our suggestion: Jolibump maternity wear, to be worn before, during and after those 9 months.

Thea Jewelry


5) Breakfast in bed 

Provided you look like the advert. With toddlers jumping around laughing, toast that doesn’t leave crumbs (afterwards it’s scratchy) and coffee that doesn’t spill. The children would give you a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful piece of jewellery. After all, you did sacrifice your perineum for them!

Our suggestion: a Thea Jewelry ring to drink your tea in style.


6) A breast-(best)friend 

If you are breastfeeding, you know the problem of clothes that are neither pretty nor practical and that can no longer be seen in paint after a few months. The solution to these problems now has a name: Tajine Banane. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, add their timeless or seasonal pieces to your list


7) A beautiful design object 

Because you’ve lovingly designed your home’s décor and you can’t afford to have an ugly plastic thing ruining it, even with the arrival of a baby.

Our suggestion: our iconic Levo bouncer that will please mum, dad and baby. Three in one. Who can beat that?

Tajine Banane
Charlie Crane

8) A skin-to-skin sling 

A skin-to-skin bandage for cuddling in the early days, and then a baby carrier to keep them snuggled up for as long as possible. You’ll look back on this with nostalgia on their 16th birthday.

Our suggestion: a Studio Romeo skin-to-skin sling.


9) A personal chef

Because you’re tired of racking your brains three times a day. Pierre Gagnaire is not available? No problem! Fall back on Popote, which is more accessible and fits in a handbag (unlike Pierre). The ideal companion for concocting tasty wonders in no time.


Studio Roméo

10) A piece of jewellery personalised with your child’s name

After all, sometimes you forget your child’s name, right? Okay, not really… But because it’s the most beautiful (and sometimes the most difficult) thing you’ve ever done, it’s worth writing her sweet first name or any other word that reminds you of the unsuspected strength of motherhood on a ring or bracelet #forever #mum #love. (Variation: a tattoo)

Our suggestion: Atelier Paulin jewellery.


11) A photo shoot

Like many parents, you sometimes want to press pause so that your children don’t grow up too quickly. The bad news is that this feature does not exist. Good news: photos are a very effective B-solution. So add to your list a family photo session with a photographer who can capture these moments and turn them into a lasting memory.

Our suggestion: trust the amazing Bertille Pics.

Atelier Paulin
Bertille Pics


Do you have other ideas? Share your suggestions on Charlie Crane’s Instagram account! #wishlist