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Charlie and friends : Bonjour Jérémy !

We discovered Chair Chair on Instagram and we fall in love right away: for designer lovers, it’s a delight to follow Jeremy’s vintage findings. Behind this account about beautiful and vintage seats, there is a passionate dad who loves vintage furniture, antique shops, beautiful chairs and… Charlie Crane of course! 

1 – Bonjour Jérémy ! Could you introduce yourself in a few words: your age, what you do in life and who is your family made up of? 

I’m 32. I launched a company of vintage dishes renting a few years ago which occupies my days and then obviously ChairChaise which allows me to satisfy my passion for flea markets and which takes more and more space in my life now. At home we are 4: Adeline, met in another professional life, Eliott the tornado who is 2 and a half and, since last August, our princess, Elisabeth.

2 – When/how did you find out about Charlie Crane and what was the first product you got? 

We discovered Charlie Crane with Eliott on Instagram but it was really when we had 2 kids that I thought: we NEED it!

3 – As a mother of a big family, can we say that the LEVO saved your life? 

Definitely! It allows us to be hands-free! It’s not always easy to put our baby on her play mat, especially now that she is starting to roll. Not to mention that Elisabeth loves to swing in her rocker, she makes us laugh!

The LEVO rocker is the ultimate hands-free kit for young parents 😉

4 – Could you tell us about Chair Chaise: how the idea comes to you and your tips to find such beautiful items?

ChairChaise is a pleasure above all! I’ve always liked the chair as an object and when we wanted to change our vintage Tolix for something else, I developed a deep love for designer chairs and more generally for design more generally.

Design is a huge playground!

5 – Which designers particularly inspire you?

I have a crush on 50s/60s French designers  like Roger Landault, René Jean Caillette or Joseph André Motte. Beyond having great names, their work is really beautiful. It seems simple but the lines and the details are perects. I also love the Danish design in general.

Mondi Soft armchairs by Jouko Jarvisalo for Inno

6 – What are the other children’s brands (clothing, toys, decoration…) that you love and that have been in your life for several years? 

I’ll be honest, Adeline is more specialist about that at home. But I like Eliott’s subscription to Gamin Gamine: really cool!

7 – If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

Maybe ubiquity? It could save us from running around, but hey flying could be cool too!

8 –  Could you share with us 3 Insta accounts that inspire you?

Hard one!
@lalune.décoration: I don’t know how they manage to find everything they find but I especially love their photos!  It’s beautiful, sweet, fantastic!  @brutgroup : Absolutely different but I can spend hours scrolling on their feed! All these buildings, this may be a little brutal but I love it anyway!
There is also @chair.only. Do I really need to explain why?

Rosewood armchair by Erik Kirkegaard for Glostrup Mobelfabrik

You can follow Jérémy on his Instagram account: Chair Chaise.[:]