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Charlie and friends : Bonjour Emilie !

Charlie Crane was created in 2013. For seven years now, our furniture has been welcoming your babies and decorating your homes all over the world. As this makes us very proud, we wanted to take advantage of this blog to highlight customers who live with our brand.

For this 1st portrait, we went to meet Emilie,, alias Emilie sans Chichi. At the head of a family of 5 children, Emilie is passionate about decoration and loves wood, natural materials and black & white. Fan of the first hours, she successively used the rocker LEVO, the play arch Mum and Dad Factory collection (product to come) and the high chair highchair TIBU. She tells us how our furniture support her first years as a young mom and tells us about her inspirations.

1 – Hello Emilie! Could you introduce yourself in a few words: your first name, your age, what you do in life and who is your family made up of? 

My name is Emilie, I am 38 years old, I work in an administration and I am the mother of 4 children: Arthur 14 years old, Sixtine 11 years old, Jeanne 8 years old and Nao soon 3 years old. I am in couple with Laurent, who also have a big girl, we are a reconstituted family.

2 – When/how did you find out about Charlie Crane and what was the first product you got? 

I discovered you on Instagram years ago, I think since the beginning of the brand! I first got the high chair when Jeanne was about 3 or 4 years old, very practical to be at the right height at the table. She had to use it until she was at least 6 years old, maybe more. Then I continued to follow Charlie Crane on IG over the years even though I didn’t have a toddler anymore. I then got the LEVO when my 4th child was born, it seemed obvious to me! I wanted a designer rocker, which blends in with the decor but above all something comfortable for my baby, a little cocoon.

3 – As a mother of a big family, can we say that the LEVO saved your life? 

When you are a mother of a large family, you are obviously delighted to be able to put your baby down while taking care of the other children. Installed in his rocker, Nao was there with us, he participated in the family life without being in my arms. We put him there as soon as we left the maternity.

4 – Over the years, we have seen your children grow up on Instagram. Do the older ones still sometimes use their TIBU chair? 

We used the TIBU chair for several years, it was perfect for eating, drawing, doing activities. I had to part with it reluctantly recently because we lack of space: I sold it to another family and I am happy to say that they are enjoying it, it still has many years ahead of it!

6- Which deco (or designer) accounts particularly inspire you on IG? 

I am very inspired by brand accounts such as Hay design or Normann Copenhagen. Globally, I love Scandinavian decoration and I’m very inspired by ultra-inspiring women’s accounts like @_mernee @mamoesjka_nl, @dosieloves.

7 – What are the other children’s brands (clothing, toys, decoration…) that you love and that have been in your life for several years? 

Among the children’s brands that I love, there is Gamin Gamine whose concept I love: a bundle of clothes that we receive every month for our children! On the decoration side, I really like Mado who makes superb illustrations, DonebyDeer for the children’s bedrooms and the pretty bed linen from Petit Lucas du Tertre.

8 – What about your latest favorites? 

My latest favorites for children are the motricity modules of the Danish brand Byklipklap (to be found at manipani) and the xoinmyroom furniture.

9 – If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

It’s hard to choose just one! But I would say teletransportation! I wish I could travel with a snap of my fingers!

10 – Could you share with us 3 Insta Mum accounts that inspire you and tell us why you like them? 

I would say Laureen (Happycherikids) that I am lucky enough to know in real life, her children are really talented and she is a mother whose values I share. I like Lola’s good mood and her frankness (lolaetsesminis) et I appreciate Florence’ sweetness (jauraispumappelermarcel).

Find Emilie on her Instagram.