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Welcome to the Mum and Dad factory collection !

This is THE news that will shake up the world of children’s design: since October 1st, all Mum & Dad factory products are published and distributed exclusively by Charlie Crane.

Created in 2013 by Clotilde le Théo and Laetitia Olsak, both architects, Mum & Dad factory is a brand of furniture and decoration for children from 0 to 6 years old, which offers products very close to those of Charlie Crane. Their style, pure and timeless, is a mix between vintage and modernity.

A little more focused on decoration and small occasional furniture, the Mum and Dad factory collection will perfectly complement Charlie Crane’s range with : a small iconic metal-wood chair (HITO), a very design Junior bed (YOMI), mats for toddlers (TAMI) and a lot of new products coming soon!

TAMI mat
HITO chair


We guess Charlie Crane has not finished to surprise you and be the king of your kids rooms!



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